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A ‘Made in Italy’ product famous all over the globe

16980107_mlIt is a speciality that brings together connoisseurs, award winning chefs that cannot do without and consumers who go mad for it from all over the world: it is Parmesan cheese.

Our company serves all restaurateurs, importers, businesses that operate outside of Italy but who desire to purchase or sell our Parmesan cheese offering them the opportunity to purchase the product which everyone defines as the king of the table.

Parmesan cheese, which has always been popular, is a must-have in Italian cuisine that can be consumed by itself or as a condiment to enrich menus all over the world and which has no fear of comparison with awful attempts at imitation which are easily unmasked.
Our sales department is available to all those who want to buy any quantity of our cheese and is able to provide detailed information on shipping.

The Boiardo Dairy guarantees the absolute highest quality of a unique and inimitable product.

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