12 months Parmesan cheese

with a young and delicate flavour

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The 12 month Parmesan cheese is characterised by a soft and delicate consistency. For aperitifs we recommend serving it in cubes and enjoying it with celery, sweet tomatoes and fresh vegetables. It goes extremely well with pears, apples and ‘mostarda’ (sweet fruit pickles) with a slightly spicy flavour such as apricot, kiwi and melon. It can be served with a dry white wine. It is vacuum packed to maintain its flavour. Conservation we recommend refrigerating in appropriate containers or wrapped in cling film at a temperature no higher than 10°C. Consume within 6 months of the indicated packaging date. Nutritional value (per 100 grams of product) Energetic value: 392 Kcal, Water: 30.8 g, Total proteins: 33 g, Fat: 28.4 g, Sodium chloride:1.39 g, Calcium: 1160 mg, Phosphorus: 680 mg, Sodium: 650 mg, Potassium: 100 mg, Magnesium: 43 mg, Zinc: 4 mg, Vitamin A: 270 mcg, Vitamin B1: 34 mcg, Vitamin B2: 370 mcg, Vitamin B6: 110 mcg, Vitamin B12: 4.2 mcg, Vitamin PP: 55 mcg, Pantothenic acid: 320 mcg, Choline: 40 mg Biotin: 23 mcg.

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