About us

Parmigiano-reggiano_logoA bit about us…

Deep-rooted in the territory of the Scandiano Municipality in the Reggio Emilia province since its inception, the Boiardo Dairy is known as the production centre for the famous Parmesan cheese with two processing centres and retail sales: one right in Scandiano and the other in San Maurizio, just outside Reggio Emilia.

The Boiardo Dairy is comprised of a staff of more than twenty-five people in charge of production and sales, as well as more than 20 partners who make up the Corporate structure and the best of local production.

The Boiardo Dairy produces an average of about 30,000 wheels of Parmesan cheese per year that are sold in our sale points open to the public along with other fresh cheeses such as ricotta, mozzarella and yoghurt as well as other dairy products and cold meats typical of our area and a quality selection of local wines.
Our products are made by following the age-old Reggiana tradition which has always marked the quality of the king of cheeses, in other words, Parmesan.

The high quality of the raw materials, the classic processing methods and the professionalism of our operators translate into the perfect balance of tastes that can be found in our delicious cheeses.

Due to Covid, deliveries in the red areas may be slowed down or inefficient, before continuing the order contact us.